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The filing of 485 would be delayed by a year or 2 but atleast her status would be good when applying. She may have to travel out of US to get back into H4 status. However, at the time of filing I could not wait for a letter from the registrar (it takes 5 business days). The letter has the letterhead of the university and states that I completed all degree requirements and will graduate May 13th. you also should note that the writer does not talk about NRE / FCNR accounts at all.There are some attorneys however, who charge a hefty fee for you to get your H1 stamped at a Canadian US consulate if you fear rejection in your home country. I got issued a 221G green form, to which I submitted the document requested on same day. In the mean time, my husband used his contacts to approach a congresswoman who has been involved in immigration cases. But what I am seeing on the forums is that if Congresswoman write letter to the consulate can jeopardize the case by unnecessarily pressuring the Consular. Sound like your case is similar to mine - newspaper advertisement issue.3 business days later I received a email from Consulate with another 221 G green form asking for all the documents. It has been little over a week I submitted documents and I see that consulate is usually taking 2-3 weeks to respond. My lawyer appealed with the original paper advertizement and my perm was cleared about one and half years later. Two things 1] H1b application may not be filed by the beneficiary i.e. Your employer or his representative (lawyer) has to apply.

Another example: LCA mentions place of work Chicago and person is working in New York.

NRE account has much lower interest rate compared to NRO like 3% vs 8%.

FCNR by definition is low interest rate very close to what native country of FCNR currency offers. It seems to be running by proxy with no accountability, no follow ups on what they do, and they always make excuses to show that they follow rules ...(which are breakable). I would have loved to listen to a dedicated and devoted personality. My RFE is with regards to Employer's ability to pay.

so I can't file by tomorrow Hi immilaw member, Thank you for the response, but my situation is..... My diploma certificate will be dated somewhere around December,2006. My H1B approval notice says my H1 is valid from October-1, 2006. For the current job I need MS degree, but I submitted a letter from my school saying all the course work is completed, but the diploma will be awarded in December, 2006. a.) if I change my job after I receive my certificate, can I apply for green card on EB2 in my new job (assuming that my new jobs requires Masters too)?

b.) Should the date on the certificate be earlier than the affective date of H1B or should it be earlier than the joining date of the job I am applying my green card on? And dont forget that teacher's H1 also comes under the cap.

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You could simply wait out until you get your H4(at the risk of running out of the H1 cap). I wanted to ask Sirvi that how about working with an NGO. Hello, I had to go to India due to a family emergency (death in family) in middle of my project.

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