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Prohibited Transactions With Parties in Interest d. Prohibited Transaction Liabilities of Non-Fiduciary Parties In Interest f. A defined benefit plan is one which establishes a formula to define what the participant (employee) is entitled to receive.

Self-Directed Custodial IRAs - Own Bank Deposits b. Other methods of paying benefits are installment payments and lump sum distributions, with options sometimes given to the participant. In recent years, this type of plan has become increasingly popular. Cash balance plans are similar to traditional defined benefit pension plans in that: (a) they guarantee a specific benefit upon retirement which is not dependent upon the plan's investment performance; (b) retirement benefits are payable as an annuity with surviving spouse protection; (c) employers must follow minimum funding policies under ERISA, and (d) basic plan benefits are guaranteed by the PBGC up to limits set by law. Most traditional pension plans use this approach, which often provides greater benefits the longer the employee stays with the plan sponsor. Special Examination Applications of Prohibited Transaction Provisions (1). The formula is usually based on longevity and/or income.

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