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When attempts are uncovered, the system’s response is usually swift and unambiguous; those found guilty of witness intimidation are generally charged with felonies, and when the threat exists but there’s insufficient proof to charge or convict a perpetrator, protection of the witness becomes an urgent priority.

A system that can’t protect its witnesses quickly loses credibility.

A person tampers with a witness when they do or attempt to do any of the following: Bribing a Witness This is when someone gives something or offers something of value to a witness.

However, this does not prohibit a witness from being reimbursed or paid reasonable costs to testify such as travel, lodging, meals, etc.

A prime example of witness intimidation through cultural pressure is the campaign that gained national prominence when a DVD by that name was produced and distributed in the Baltimore, Maryland area in 2004.

The DVD threatened violent retribution against those who shared information about illegal activity with law enforcement; its creator, Rodney Thomas, was convicted in 2006 of first degree assault.

Witness intimidation is the practice of threatening a witness in a court proceeding in an effort to influence his testimony.

A very real problem in the United States and other countries, this practice has elicited a variety of responses, from criminalization to establishing elaborate programs to protect witnesses.

Threatening or Intimidating a Witness A person is prohibited from engaging in any behavior that would threaten or intimidate a witness.The American Constitution entitles a criminal defendant to “ . Despite this, in an overwhelming majority of cases, witnesses testify without intimidation, and return to their regular routines afterward without fear of retaliation.In those cases where intimidation does take place, law enforcement often goes to great lengths to protect witnesses, the most extreme example of which are witness protection and relocation programs, which involve providing witnesses who are legitimately in fear for their lives with new identities and fresh starts in undisclosed locations.In certain groups and segments of society, cooperation with law enforcement is considered taboo, and many witnesses to crimes refuse to cooperate, even if it means violent criminals remain free to continue their criminal activity.Cultural expressions that glorify illegal activity also demonize law enforcement and those who cooperate with it, further reinforcing the taboo.

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Any kind of bribing, intimidating, threatening, or other behavior that interferes with a witness in an official proceeding faces severe criminal penalties.

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