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Though built in 1852, the Cork Opera House has gone through a number of renovations that have turned it into a world-class entertainment space.Take a ride on the horse and cart or take to the land by foot, either way you can’t go wrong with a romantic visit to the Muckross House.As Irish professional matchmakers, we often look to the spaces around us for romantic inspiration.Here are fifteen of our favourite romantic spots in Ireland.When recently single, you often hear the phrase, “There’s plenty of fish in the sea.” Here’s your opportunity to see it with your own eyes.At the Galway Atlantaquari, you and your date will discover the beauty that lies beneath the sea.Cozy up to your new mate and see if the fire can heat up the romance between the two of you.King John’s Castle is another one of Ireland’s architectural beauties.

Step into the past to ensure for a romantic future with a visit to this real medieval fortress.It is Ireland’s most visited tourist spot, but that doesn’t mean that us locals can’t indulge in it.Take in the majestic views, while falling more in love with your partner.You can learn all about its original conception and it’s unfortunate tragic ending.If you’re looking to take a romantic stroll, then you should visit the Cliffs of Moher.

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