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Datingcpr com

One of the most mass produced of the lanterns was the Adlake "Kero" lantern.A term used to described Adlakes short globe design that was used generally from 1921 through the 1970s.Because the brass had all but worn off and it was starting to rust, the lantern was bead blasted clean and clear coated as seen in the last two photos.0050 This is an earlier Kero, having a stamped date on the bottom as 4-36, meaning it was made in the 4th quarter of 1936.The lantern was heavily used the brass plating has almost completely worn off.This lantern was likely issued to a railroad worker as either a reward or special order sometime in the early to mid 1920s and probably continued to be used well into the 1930s.

The original pot was replaced with a brand new pot. The lantern was a standard Kero 250 made out of steel and then plated brass.Adlake Patents that relate to the Kero style lanterns of the early 1920s.These patents range from 1922 through 1928 and cover several features that apply to the late tall globe and early short globe Adlakes.This lantern was most likely used for signaling by a brakeman or conductor with this type of handle.0011 0010 This lantern was made between 19 for the Louisville and Nashville Railroad.

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Also shown here are two advertisements for later model Adlake Keros. Lanterns for this railroad are fairly common and they were known for being well marked with the PRR logo.

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