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A scanned Tax "Assessment List" dating back to 1920 can be found for most properties on the Franklin County Auditor's website by clicking "Transfer History" and then "View Prior History." The Ohio Historical Society, houses Tax Duplicates, 1806-1810, 1816-1838, 1868, 1902-1907, 1914-1919, for Franklin County.

The library maintains two databases that contain selected historic photographs and other information that may provide productive leads.

Each is divided in chronological periods, such as 1803-1888, 1889-1903, 1904-1913, etc.

Many deeds have been scanned and are accessible on the County Recorder's website.

The other option is to contact previous owners or the children and descendants of previous owners who may have old pictures of your house. Sherburn (OH 917.7157 S551c 2002) is a valuable source of abstracted information on a multitude of Columbus houses.

The book is presented in alphabetical order by street and then in numerical order by street address.? Gordon (OH 720.9771 G665h) contains very useful chapters on identifying Ohio architectural styles and building types.

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In a perfect world, each new homeowner would be presented with a detailed history of their house, complete with photographs taken every few years.

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