Dating vintage washburn guitars

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Dating vintage washburn guitars

Delta Blues found Chicago a receptive community to its raw, emotional feel.Washburn's factory was located near Maxwell Street, where many musicians congregated to jam and hang out.I had a student with a solid wood (Rosewood back and sides) model that was easily as good as my 100-year-old Braz. It had a narrower nut and I don't think it had solid back and sides (memory might be failing me here). My recollection of the earlier ones (from the 70's? v=CQsp Ejo PIik animus apertus Yeah Hans, this one is different. After they built this model they started building a very similar model (not quite the same) overseas. Honestly this one plays a heck of lot better than the two or three Washburn and other Lyon and Healy parlour guitars that went through here.) was that they looked a lot spiffier than they sounded. It's funny, whomever built it wasn't real good with the herringbone trim. The one I am looking at claims to be all solid woods. I don't know this for a fact; just what I am being told? I bought one of Ebay a few months ago and was expecting to be disapointed when it arived.George Washburn Lyons was not a guitar maker - he was a businessman. Worth a read if you're interested in this type of thing.It's not clear when the first electric Washburn guitar came about, nor is it clear when the Washburn guitar company was purchased by the US Music Corporation.7 out of 250) from new and it has been an excellent guitar, particularly for the price. of Chicago, and using it for a line of imported instruments.No problems over the 7 or 8 years I've had it and I find the wide, V-profile neck particularly comfortable. Nothing shady about it, but I do find U S Music's attempt to connect with the Washburns of the past -- check out their website!

Upon later inspection, with a mirror at home, I found that the holes for the strings all had missed the bridgeplate. It is a very pretty little guitar & sounds good as well.

Washburn Guitars has been around since the early 1880's, beginning its history in Chicago, Illinois.

Founded by George Washburn Lyons, the company focused its attentions on building acoustic guitars.

I suspect it may be a laminate back & sides, but the top is very straight grained cedar or spruce; I am not sure which it is.

The finish has proven indestructible; no pickmarks! The best I've seen are the ones that were priced in the low 4 figures. The model before that was in the mid-3 figures and was a lot of bang for the buck. v=Jr SE2J1EQi I Is Lk B0c I https://

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It is always a talking point because of the antiqued finish. Bought one for my son several years ago used, all solid woods and a very nice guitar. Best advice is from someone who owns my case 2!