Dating vintage levis dating tips where to hook up

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Dating vintage levis

Fake Levis certainly have different levels of quality, some are extremely easy to spot, others are of a higher quality and the counterfeiters have put more effort into the product.We look at to the following to determine whether jeans are fake.

The differing fonts are both genuine, just from different eras of 501.It said that you have to look at the last 2 numbers on the back of the tag and that was the date. You can follow the link below and it takes you to the page of the investigation. The 2 numbers above the long row of numbers means something too, probably the month but usually we can’t see that part of the tag unless we take a seam out.Now take this for what its worth, but this is what they said, I’m not making it up!In the last year, we've sold over 5,000 pairs of vintage Levis jeans and guarantee that we only sell 100% genuine items.We've never had a single return for jeans being fake. However, we do still get plenty of pairs in deliveries which we pick out and discard.

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This is usually a good place to start your inspection.