Dating vintage jensen speakers

Posted by / 10-Dec-2019 21:17

Dating vintage jensen speakers

Cosmetically it appears that Jensen managed to avoid the cheap thin laminate that many other manufactures had adopted at this time.

Overall the laminate on the pair I acquired is in great condition with no major peeling occurring anywhere, though some tiny lifting here and there is evident.

While I am calling these speakers ‘Vintage’ but to be truthful I have yet to come across any information about when these speakers were produced.

I contacted the firm that owns the Jensen brand today and even they know nothing about these speakers!

I recapped with audio grade polypropylene capacitors of the correct specification.

These speakers offer big sound with a decent mid-range, and the high’s are well formed and not harsh.

These speakers look great and would suit a wide range of vintage 70s amplifiers and receivers.

The AR48S represent the last of Acoustic Research’s classic series of speakers and were introduced in the final year of the Golden Age of Audio in 1981. Note the AR48S should not to be confused with the post-classic AR48B and AR48BX speakers produced later.Here is a pair of vintage Akai SW-T30’s that have passed through my collection.I haven’t been able to pin down these 2-way bookshelf speakers from Akai to a precise year, but from available catalogs and guessing by the style of the speaker I would place these bang in the middle of 1970s circa 1974/75.One question we're often asked is "how old is my speaker?" And if your speaker is in reasonably good condition, then it is straightforward to find this out for yourself.

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As you can see the tweeter voice-coil domes on both speakers have been depressed – unfortunate cosmetically but this in no way impairs the sound.