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“I was quite pleasantly surprised” by the stable of candidates, said the Northville Township retired mailman.“This is something where all of them are here and you get to know them in a more personal way.”Welcome to candidate “speed dating,” a new phenomenon this election cycle where those seeking elective office sit in the midst of a circle of up to 10 voters, who, when a whistle sounds every 15 minutes, move from circle to circle trying to get a sense of the people who might represent them in Lansing or Washington D. The event sponsored by the Northville Democratic Club had the feel of a speed dating party.But it also served an additional purpose for the upcoming election cycle, said Phoebe Hopps, president of the Women’s March Michigan.“It’s an unconventional way to get to know a candidate and we need more of that.Not only are you learning about a platform, you’re learning about them as people,” she said.Other candidates not shown, but who attended the forum were: state Rep. In January, the theater was packed with more than 300 people for the first 11th Congressional District forum.

It was an inspirational moment for the couple of hundred people who attended, mostly because they were celebrating Bader Ginsberg, a feminist icon.Another asked Democratic gubernatorial candidate Shri Thanedar, “What’s your spiritual background?” — to which the candidate responded that he was raised Hindu.“I realized early on that everybody was doing the same thing and we had to come up with something different,” said Lori Goldman, one of the founding members of Fems for Dems, a women's group that formed in the months after the election of Republican Donald Trump as president and has since grown to 900 members, mostly in metro Detroit.Carol Ely of Livonia, center, and Donna Del Favero of Livonia, looks at a map that illustrates candidates district during a "candidate speed dating" event hosted by the Northville Democratic Club and Fems for Dems at Northville High School in Northville, Thursday, April 26, 2018. Both he and his wife thought all the candidates were good and they would vote for any one of them before they'd support a Republican.But Birmingham businessman Dan Haberman had all the qualities they were seeking: electability, not too much of a scripted or polished politician and someone who seemed prepared for battle.“You’re going to be in a dog fight and he’s been in business and not so much in politics,” Mc Cauley said.

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Fems for Dems has had several candidate speed dating events and helped the Northville Democratic Club organize its event last month.