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Dating tiffany flatwre

I purchased this feeding spoon from a third party, and I noticed that it did not say .925 in the stamp.

The stamp on the back says only "Tiffany&Co Sterling" (See images below).And as a die ages, it usually gets a little bit larger from use.With some silverware, you can detect different dies.I would also say that the infant feeding spoon is a modern (meaning the last 30 years) innovation by Tiffany. Is it possible that dimensions of this kind spoon change slightly from year to year?Faneuil is an old pattern (100 years) but its use on non-standard forms is recent. When I held in my hands the current - "Spanish" - version of the Faneuil Infant Feeding Spoon at the Tiffany store, I noticed that my spoon's handle was slightly thicker (not longer and not wider though) and the bowl was slightly deeper than the current version's. I'm not enough of an expert in modern Tiffany markings to say anything specific about your spoon one way or the other, but you should be aware that it seems that the majority of Tiffany marked items on Ebay are reproductions made in the far east.

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