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Dating table manners

If a young person wants to have a good time and be able rate a second date, you should practice Dating Manners. When he telephoned her several days in advance, he was careful not to embarrass her by asking if she had any plans for that particular evening.

Instead, he said, " Sally, will you go with me to the dance on Saturday night?

If you are a good date you can answer "No" to all of these questions.

If you cannot, your "friendship quotient" is probably below average and needs some improvement.

When leaving, unless the bus is crowded, the boy gets off first so that he can assist her in getting off. When walking together on the street, the boy's place is nearest to the curb. When walking together, a girl does not take a boy's arm unless she needs assistance.

When he is with two girls, it is correct for him either to walk between them or on the side nearest the curb. He should not take her arm either under ordinary conditions, but sometimes he places his hand on her elbow when crossing the street in traffic.

In heavy traffic also, the boy should reach over in front of the girl to open her door, and then slide across the seat to get out after she does. If the boy and girl are using a bus, the boy helps the girl on, and follows her to a seat.

A boy and girl can have fun on a blind date if the arrangements have been made by friends who know both of them. If you are a girl: Do keep a date after you have made it. Do introduce the boy to your parents Don't break a date without a good reason, and without giving a definite explanation.

Don't make a practice of meeting a boy away from home for a date.

A boy is expected to arrive at the girl's home at the time set for the date.

If he comes in an automobile, he should not blow the horn as a signal for her to join him. If he has not met her parents, she may invite him in and introduce him to them.

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