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As a gay psychiatrist who studies gender and sexuality, I’m thrilled with the huge strides we’ve made over the past decade to bring gay relationships into the mainstream.

Early research on app use and health has focused only on sexually transmitted infections, for instance, rates of HIV among Grindr users, using Grindr to get people tested for STIs, etc.

Since there’s little published research on the men using Grindr, I decided to conduct an informal survey and ask men why they’re on the app so much and how it’s affecting their relationships and mental health.

I created a profile identifying myself as a medical writer looking to talk to men about their experiences.

So when a neutral action (clicking on Grindr) is paired with a pleasurable response in the brain (orgasm), humans learn to do that action over and over again.

This can be a normal pleasure response or it could be a setup for addiction, depending on the situation and individual.

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A staggering number of gay men suffer from depression, with some estimates as high as 50 percent.

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