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Dating sites in andhra

The water would flow from field to field and surplus water would drain back to the khud.

The kohli or water tender distributed and managed the water.

Rivers were the obvious location of civilizations, and different civilizations utilized them in different ways.

Early people cut channels, diverted rivers, and farmed their regions.

Excavations have unearthed a fully brick lined tank that is 800 feet long, 60 feet wide and 12 feet deep.

Throughout India, several ingenious ways have been devised to catch and store rainwater for future use.

They are known as traditional water harvesting systems.

Rainwater is the only copious and clean source of water, but its distribution is neither uniform nor assured in all parts.

India receives about 400 million hectare metres (mham) of rain per year over an area of 329 mha.

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In the hills and mountainous regions where there are plenty of streams, simple engineering structures were used to divert the water into channels that fed the fields.

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