Dating sites for platonic relationships

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Dating sites for platonic relationships

It is not our intention to trivialize the seriousness of the issues.As part of our disguising process, we also randomly assign various professional designations, earned degrees or licensure status.One might assume that therapists found guilty of forming high risk relationships with clients consist chiefly of poorly trained, obtuse, or psychopathic individuals.

The materials in this course are based on current published ethical standards and the most accurate information available to the authors at the time of writing.

“Know your client before crossing any professional boundaries” is a theme that will recur several times in this lesson.

In the actual case, the client felt embarrassed by the therapist’s brash rejection and later attempted to press ethics charges for “getting him drunk and trying to take advantage.” The charge was not sustained, but the therapist had to endure a difficult inquiry by his peers, and his once-prized student turned against the therapist and was, himself, needlessly harmed. After all, the therapist tried to do the client a favor.

When the therapist said he wanted out and a return of his investment the client refused, noting that they had signed a valid contract.

The client also pressed ethics charges against the therapist for “forcing his way into my business.” The fourth scenario seems more innocent, but the outcome in the actual case resulted in a sustained ethics charge of client exploitation.

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Allowing clients the opportunity to run up large bills, however, runs the risk that they may never acquire the resources to pay them off.

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