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Dating sim games for ps2

If you’re looking for a bit more spice to accompany your visual novels, then look no further.

#8: Divi-Dead (PC, C-Ware/Himeya Soft) As the oldest entry on this list, C-Ware’s Divi-Dead represents some of the best and worst aspects of the genre.

#7: Ar Tonelico II (PS2, Gust/NIS America) Like the Godfather Part II, this is one of those classic cases where the sequel outperforms, outshines and generally outdoes everything that was established by its predecessor.

Featuring one of the better turn-based/rhythm battle systems along with a more interesting cast of characters, Ar Tonelico II represents one of the finest JRPGs in the Play Station 2’s excellent library.

Throw in the fact that it had a very polished turn-based strategy system and you have the first truly successful English-translated bishoujo game.

Although the game shows its age through recycled CG sets, slightly outdated sprites, and merely adequate backgrounds, Family Project is still a definite recommendation if you’re interested in exploring how games such as KEY’s CLANNAD came about. You knew that this list would not be complete without it.

While the company does try its best to retain the dating sim look and feel, the mature storyline is full of unexpected twists and turns that lure players to keep clicking “just one more page.” Unfortunately, the game also happens to be on Hirameki’s craptacular DVD format, which uses a horribly designed save system of passwords. O./G-Collections) Family Project is certainly not “the greatest bishoujo game of all time,” as JASTUSA owner Peter Payne proclaimed, but it doesn’t disappoint.

Don’t let that stop you though, as Phantom of Inferno is easily one of the darkest, mature and dynamic visual novel storylines available to date… As I originally wrote in my official Gaming Target review of the game, “[Family Project] was known as the best game of the genre with its mix of good artwork, a great soundtrack, and a very interpersonal story.” Much of which was ahead of its time.

Instead, the story is closer to an action genre anime like My-Hime in which sexy schoolgirls fight using special weapons and powers, and if that doesn’t turn you on…my friends, otaku you are not.

You can expect plenty of twists and betrayals galore, as well as heavy themes about friendship and love throughout, with magnificent production values that are unlike any other bishoujo game that’s been released here.

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