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Alas, much like the millennials we love to deride about being irresponsible, I haven't and will never forget the stupid decisions the majority of Gen X made.

They simply aren't making the news because nobody wants to see the aftermath of majoring in stupid shit, borrowing a ton of money for a Mc Mansion, getting divorced like the Baby Boomers, and basically the fallout for being the conformist, basic bitch generation they were.

I was being driven insane when my hard numbers were telling me there was trouble, but the gray-haired baby boomer who desperately needed a commission check that month to finance their leased vehicles insisted otherwise.

It wasn't until the FBI contacted us did I realize that, no, I wasn't insane, and that, yes, corporate America and its baby boomer leaders didn't know jack.

This is especially pronounced among male Gen X'ers who did not have children, were never married, and thus far kept their nose clean.

Chalk it up to cold Darwinism, cultural standards, or the simple feminine desire to have a man around who can reach the top shelf, but just about every stature study in the last twenty years confirms what short guys already know: Women prefer taller men.

This isn't to say you're a rotten tomato if you haven't been snatched up in this market, I know some men and women who are truly great and wonderful people in this unenviable situation due to circumstances largely out of their control.

But it is to stand back, clear our eyes, and accurately assess what is going on so we can accurately diagnose the situation and take action that will help going forward.

The total economic cost in terms of time, resources, effort, and sanity just wasn't worth it anymore.

I went ghost and found that quality reliable girl your mother always talks about. More than a decade has passed since both retirements, and I'm glad I exited when I did.

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Alas, I've seen many male friends ping-pong between the two, with no solution in sight.

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