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Dating palma de mallorca

The architect who designed the three-aisle church, with its 24 vaulted sections was Jaume Mates, son of the Master Pere Mates who also worked on the Mallorca cathedral, sourcing the best Mallorcan (Majorcan) sandstone.Jaume Mates was extremely ambitious in his design and aimed to create columns so fine that the roof would appear to defy gravity itself.It is considered one of the most magnificent buildings ever built and encompasses almost all artistic styles since the Middle Ages.It has its origins in the very beginnings of the Christian take over of the island back in the 13th century.

Peyronnet was duly appointed chief architect and decided to adopt a Gothic style in order, as a he affirmed, to confer greater harmony to the site.It included: Interestingly, although the crucial renovations were carried out under the direction of Rubio and Reynes, they are still attributed to Gaudi.Whether this is because Gaudi’s name has a greater cachet than those of his lesser-known pupils, or for reasons of negligence, is unknown but some might say Rubio and Reynes have been denied the recognition they deserve in the upper echelons of architecture.He wanted to liberate the Mallorca cathedral from the burden of previous centuries and adapt it to more contemporary trends.He knew the reforms would demand exact knowledge of the original plans and profound research to be implemented correctly and being a fan of Modernismo, the Spanish variant of Art Nouveau, he knew immediately to whom he would entrust this task - Antonio Gaudi.

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From the 17th century until the present day, alterations have frequently been made to the vaults.

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