Dating online perth

Posted by / 21-May-2020 02:45

Dating online perth

I’d tried online dating and hadn’t really found it to be a viable way of meeting a life partner, it was just people looking for sex.

There’s the promise of endless wonderful ladies to talk to, yet in reality I only have a few matches and most of them don’t reply. You see, the thing with dating apps is that they are superficial. If you don’t fall into that spectrum, you’re not even in the running. I feel like perhaps I am outside the ideal spectrum.

It was there we accidentally brushed hands as we reached for the same book. An embarrassed apology became a nervous chat, which blossomed into a spontaneous coffee date, leading to a soul searching discussion and finally halted by a sullen staff member kicking us out to close the café.

As the weeks went by every phone beep, long phone call or walk on the beach cast us deeper and deeper into an unbreakable, all-consuming love.

Fast forward a few years and I am sitting on my couch with a milkshake, half watching and half flicking through potential love on my phone.

I jokingly call it ‘Netflix and Choc-Chilling’ in order to disguise to myself that this isn’t even remotely like my dream plan. A look of enlightenment on my face and dreams of wild success in my mind.

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