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The biblical writings were actively used in teaching and worship, and as such, were subject to wearing out.

The fact that copies were made is typical of document preservation in ancient times.

The style, the particular words or phrases chosen, and specific topics for which detail is provided or emphasis is given tend to indicate the authors' background and the general period in history.

At one point it was assumed that of the various Semitic dialects (known collectively as Aramaic), western Aramaic was of late origin.

One problem is that different cultures used different calendars, and no single culture even maintained the same calendar.

Linguistic peculiarities may also offer insight into when and by whom a text was written.One author of a commentary on Habbukuk mentions certain events current to his own time.These could place the commentary's origin at the time of the Roman capture of Palestine under Pompey in 63 BC.Therefore, other methods must be used to accurately place these in time.Consider the peculiar problems found in dating texts from ancient calendars.

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Those who approach biblical writings with the presupposition that prophecy is impossible sometimes use prophecy as proof of a late date.

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