Dating net sites iran

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Dating net sites iran

Friday is not a working day in Iran so many people came home for the weekend on the evening of Thursday the 25th of December.

At around 4am on Friday the 26th there was an earthquake, which shook houses.

Bam prospered because of pilgrims visiting its Zoroastrian fire temple (dating to early Sassanian times) and as a commercial and trading center on the famous Silk Road.

About 60 percent of the buildings in Bam were destroyed.

The old quarter and a 2,000-year-old citadel (severely damaged by the earthquake) were built primarily of mud brick.

Ancient Bam, or the Arg-i-Bam, at its peak of political, economic, and military power had some 11,000 citizens living in 400 houses within its city walls, which still stand much the way they did hundreds of years ago.

Since the city's inception, judged to be between 250 BC .

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