Dating mass effect 3

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Dating mass effect 3

For the time being im playing it and loving it (except for some minor bugs and that you sometimes can get stuck because of some glitches XD) So if anyone else is looking for a good rpg and happens to stumble on this post then i would recommend this game.

Thanks alot for all the great suggestions you have given me : D I heard that witcher 2 didnt have a "deep" romance like mass effect for example, so im abit unsure if i want to play it or not. I played alpha protocol maybe about 10 hours and enjoyed it but then i forgot about it cause mass effect 3 came out : P Had totally forgotten it, so thanks alot! Bloodlines doesn't have any romance in it though, or well, not the kind you're looking for anyway, at best you can have a one night stand with a certain character.

The story is everything in these games and romance is a big part of it. This post gets necro because it is a question many people ask. I already know of games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Alpha Protocol, Witcher, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

I imagine more than just myself am curious what "new" games are coming out like this.

Beyond that, this is a standard trope of JRPGs but not many of those make their way to PC.

Also these are typically very linear from a story perspective and generally have no meaningful dialog trees like Bioware games.

That's worse because its as if the game producer is "mocking" their customer.

Skyrim has a small (very small) romantic part to it, but it has very little to do with the overall game.

If you want a game almost identical to ME except the romance, try Advent Rising, it's pretty old, but it's a great, underrated game that sadly didn't reach a 2nd title from the planned trilogy. I tried to find some games yesterday on my own and managed to find one game that particularly caught my eyes, its a vampire rpg with romance (i haven't gotten as far to that atm though) called Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines.

Echoing everyone else's comments, Bioware games in general will almost always have a romance option side quest with one or more possible characters in the game (also often depending on the gender of the character you create).

The other types of games you'll see this in are the heavily scripted cinematic games that tend to follow movie-like story archs.

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If you really want to go for something were romance is the main part of the plot (Bioware being the one exception) you really have to step into the weird and wonderful of indi.