Dating lauson engines

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Dating lauson engines

LEROY CLARK 3 HP Challenge, 1 1/2 HP Middletown 'Woodpecker', 1 HP IHC 'Titan', 1 HP Root and Vandervoort, 4 HP Root and Vandervoort Ideal, Fuller and Johnson, 2 HP Rock Island, 1 3/4 HP Galloway, 3 HP Fuller and Johnson, 4 HP Leader, Kermath, IHC 'M', 3 HP John Deere, 3 HP Challenge, 1 1/2 HP Challenge, TOM COPPER Maytags DALLAS COX 5 HP Ottawa, 2 1/2 HP United, 3 HP Worthington, 1 1/2 Sattley, Famous, Bulldog, Massey Harris, Ottawa, 9 HP Galloway, 12 HP Hercules, 1 HP IHC 'Mogul', 2 1/2 HP Bamford, 6 HP Woodpecker, 10 HP Root and Vandervoort, Lauson-Lawton, 6 HP Christensen STEVE COX 10 HP Spang, 16 HP Jones, 20 HP JC, 25 HP Superior, 20 HP Ajax, ROB COYLE Maytag upright, Maytag models 72, 82, and 92, 15 HP Pattin Bros., Fairmont railcar. HELLER DAVIS AND JOHN DAVIS 3 HP Peerless, 2 1/2 HP Detroit, 3 HP Detroit, 1 3/4 HP Nelson Bros., 1 3/4 HP Gilson 'Johnny on the spot', 10 HP Fairbanks Morse diesel '36A', 2 HP Fairbanks Morse 'Jack of all trades', 5 HP Galloway, Cretors 'popcorn steam engine', Myrick "Eclipse", Kingery 'peanut roaster steam engine', 2 HP IHC "Victor", 10 HP Fairbanks "Z",3 HP Witte, Maytag "72", Maytag "92" KEVIN DAVIS Lee/Pontiac, 5 HP Acadia, 6 HP United, 3 HP Mc Cormick Deering "M", Johnson "Iron Horse", Briggs and Stratton "WMB", Fairbanks Morse "D", 1 3/4 HP Gray "Marvel", 4 HP Gray "Leader", 2 HP Acadia, 1 3/4 HP IHC "Mogul" 6 HP Fairbanks Morse, 4 1/2 HP Massey Harris, Type "1", 3 HP Fairbanks Morse "ZC", 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 HP IHC "LB", ED DEIS Rumsey Williams JAN DEKLERCKClaeys, Wichterle.

ROLAND CRAVEN Aster, Associated "Hired Man", 4 HP Amanco, Amanco thpe "K", Witte, Andrew drawings, Blackstone, Browett Coborn, 2 1/2 HP Bamford, Bamford diesel "SD", Bradford, Brownwall, 6 HP Bamford, Bamford "EV", Barit marine engine, 3 HP Bamford, 8 HP Blackstone, 5 HP Blackstone, Blackstone "DB", Bentall "Pioneer", 9 HP Bamford "OV", 6 HP Blackstone, 2 1/2 HP Bamford, Crossley 1050, Coventry Victor flat twin, Crossley gas engine, Coborn, Coventry-Victor Vixen diesel, Crossley type H, 1 1/2 HP Crossley French Moteur CL Conord, Cushman Cub, Marine Coventry Victor flat twin, Crossley "M", 1 1/2 HP Campbell pumping set, Crossley "P107", 1 1/2 HP Capel, Crossley "JJ", Douglas "SV 54", Detroit, Douglas "RE", 4 HP Emerson Brantingham, Warwick Eagle, Fairbanks Morse T "Jack of all trades", Fairbanks-Morse "Z", Fairbanks-Morse "Dishpan", Fairbanks-Morse Eclipse, Fielding & Platt gas engine, Fuller & Johnson pumpjack, Fielding & Platt diesel, Fowler "1PAL", Gardner no"1", Gardner "3FJ" two-stroke marine diesel, Gardner "1AV", Hornsby pumping engine, Hercules, 2 1/2 HP Economy model "E", Hamworthy, 5 HP Hornsby, 9 HP Hercules, Hornsby Oil engine, Ingeco, IHC "Famous", Ideal Gas engine, IHC "M", IHC "LA", JAP water cooled, Lister "ABL", Lister "D", 6 HP Lister "L", Lister "M", Lister Junior, Lister "CS" 6/1, Lister "AK", 6 HP Lion "OC", Lister "DK", Lister "L" Screen cooled, Lister "A", Lorenz, Lister "J" Ball hopper, Lister "X", Lister "VA", Lister "N", Lister "G2", Lister "LD1" air-cooled diesel, Lister "CS" 6/1, Monitor, Meitz and Weiss, National Gas engine, National Gas type "F", Nelson Bros Marine version of the Norman T300 Mk 1, Novo "S", 5 HP National, Norman T300 Mk 1 flat twin, Olds, Onan twin, 2 1/2 HP Petter M "Appletop", 5 HP Petter "M", Pelapone twin, 5 HP Petter "S" type, Tank cooled Petter "A", Petter Handyman, Powell, 2.5hp Petter M with solid flywheels, Petterlight set, single flywheel "Calibrator" Petter "M", 8 HP Petter "S", 3 HP Petter "M", 3 HP Petter "M Appletop", 8 HP Petter "M jellymould head", 1 1/2 HP Petter "Appletop", 2 HP Petter charging set, Petter "AVA2" diesel, 5 HP Petter "M Appletop", Petter cutaway, Petter "AVA" cutaway, Petter Moorland pumping set, Petter "S 18/21", Pelapone lighting set, 8 HP Petter "M", Ruston Hornsby "AP6", 2.5 HP Ruston "PB" Ransome's "Wizard", 1 1/2 HP Ruston "PB", Ruston "VTH" diesel, Ruston "XHR" size 1, Ruston "ZPR", Ruston "PT", Ruston "AP", 100 HP Ruston "VC4", Ruston H7 Diesel, Ruston "ZPR", Ruston Hornsby "BPR", Ruston "2XHR", Stockport, Stover "KE" 4 HP Stuart-Turner "P5M", Smart and Brown, Stuart-Turner "R3MC", 2 HP Taylor Vacuum Tangye AV, Tangye, 3 HP Tangye, United, Villiers Mk 20, Villiers D 415 diesel, Victoria, Villiers "WX", Villiers "Midget", Vickers-Petter "VJ", Vickers-Petter "VJ2", 1 1/2 HP Victoria, Wade Dragsaw, Wolseley "WD1", Wolseley "WD2", Wolseley "WD8", Wisconsin/Jaeger pumper, Wisconsin "AK", GLENN CROCKETT 1 HP Fairbanks Morse 'Jack Junior', 1 1/2 HP Fairbanks Morse 1 1/2 HP Fairbanks Morse 'Z', 3 HP Fairbanks Morse 'Z', 6 HP Fairbanks Morse 'Z', 4 HP Fairbanks Morse 'T', 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 HP Mc Cormick Deering 'LB', 2 HP IHC 'Famous' vertical, 2 1/2 HP Economy, 1 1/2 HP John Deere 'E', 1 1/2 HP Fuller and Johnson, 6 HP Weber 'G', 2 HP Bulls Eye 'GE', models 72, 82, 92 Maytag DAVE CROFT 3 HP F. HSCS, 4 HP Lorenz, 5 HP Benz, 6 HP Benz, 5 HP Kokora,5 HP Klima, Dobry, Slavia, 3 1/2 HP IHC Famous (Nonpareil), La Fourmi, Ruston PR2, Ruston PR4, Wichterle-Kovarik, Fairbanks Morse 'Z', Amanco.

I have also included a few pages that might be of interest to lovers of old iron, such as some serial number lists, and clubs and museum pages. You can simply scroll down and browse through the list, very slow, or you can use the 'find' feature in your browser.

Many of these pages are owned by members of the 'stationary engine list', an email list of old iron lovers.

JIM FISK 1 1/2 HP Mc Cormick Deering 'M', 6 HP Mc Cormick Deering 'M' PETER FORBES Very large amount of Lister info. ANDY FRENCH 1.5 - 2 Ruston Hornsby 'PB 6',1.5 HP Ruston Hornsby 'PT', 3 HP Ruston Hornsby 'PB 8' HELEN FRENCH'Margaret Maytag' ("Must see") JIM FRENCH 1.5 HP Villiers 'X11', 1.5 HP Wolseley 'WD2', 1.5 HP Lister 'D', 2 HP Petter 'M', Petter Atomic, 5 HP Petter 'M', Lister 'L' RAY GARDNER 1 HP Gray, 1 HP Fairbanks Morse, 1 1/2 HP Fairbanks Morse, 1 1/2 HP John Deere, 1 1/2 HPOlds, 2 HP Bullseye, 2 HP Cushman, 2 HP Hercules, 3 HP Simplicity, 4 HP Fairbanks Morse, 5 HP Hercules, 6 HP Foos Jr., 7 HP Bohon, 7 HP Simplicity, 7 HP Sta Rite, 9 HP Economy, 10 HP Doak, 10 HP Witte, 15 HP Samson, 16 HP Western, 1 HP Stover, 4 HP IHC, 6 HP Stover, 7 HP Economy, 7 HP Holland, 7 HP Stickney, 8 HP Foos Jr., 9 HP Thermoil RUSSELL GILBERT 2 HP Cooper KA (Stover), 5 HP Lister Junior "B", 5 HP Petter "S", 6 1/2 HP Blackstone, 3 HP Fuller and Johnson "K", 7 1/2 HP Hornsby Stockport, 2 1/4 HP Moffat Virtue, TONY and NATE GLASER 1/2 HP Standard Cream Separator, 3 HP Fairbanks Morse.

BRUCE GOLDEN 4 HP Myrick 'Eclipse', Briggs and Stratton 'A', 12 HP Bessemer, 15 HP Reid,3 HP Hercules, Briggs and Stratton 'Y'.

GOODWRENCH Associated ROB GORREY 3HP Sunshine,3HP Ronaldson and Tippett, 2HP Moffat Virtue, 3HP Lister CS, Associated "Jack Boy", 3HP Alfa Laval, Southern Cross, 2HP Sundial, 6HP R and T, Crossley 1020, Buzacott pumper, 3-5HP Bradford, 3HP Sunshine, Associated 3 Mule Team, AC Petter, 1 3/4HP Bradford PAUL GRAY Farrar, Trefts, and Thomas halfbreed, 4 HP Myrick Eclipse, 6 HP Myrick Eclipse, 5 HP National Transit, 1 1/4 HP Monitor, 1 1/2 HP John Deere, Gray two cylinder marine, 2 HP Bessemer, 1 1/4 HP Monitor, Allen,3 HP Stickney, vertical Hercules, Witte diesel, 3 cylinder Fairbanks Morse.

Let me know in the comments at the end how you like this format! Anyone with a 2 to 3 car wide driveway up to 300 feet long. It will clear wet snow, hard packed snow, end of driveway snow and the snow you got last year in Boston.

It’s not quite as fast at clearing deep snow as the Ariens Platinum 30 SHO but it has plenty of power to still get the job done no matter where you live.

Ted Brookover has put a great page together to help identify engines by the ignitor that is used.

BILL and LISA BROOKER 1 HP IHC 'Titan', 1 1/4 HP Galloway 'Handy Andy', 1 HP IHC 'Titan Jr., 1 HP IHC 'Mogul', 1 1/2 HP John Deere, 40 HP Bovaird and Seyfang, 2 HP Stover, 1 1/2 HP Jaeger, 2 1/4 HP Associated 'Hired Man', Standard, 2 HP Fairbanks Morse 'Z', 1 HP IHC 'Tom Thumb', 1 3/4 HP Associated 'Chore Boy', 1 1/2 HP Gray, 5 HP Ottawa, 1 1/2 HP Ideal, 1 3/4 HP Hercules, 1 HP Ideal, 2 HP Ottawa, Taylor Vacuum, Maytag, 1 1/2 HP Fuller and Johnson.

TED BROOKOVER 2 HP IHC Famous, 2 HP Rock Island, 1 1/2 HP Sattley, 1 1/2 John Deere, 1 HP Ideal, 5 HP Collis, 2 HP Fairbanks Morse, 1 HP Rock Island, 2 HP Jacobson, 1 HP IHC Mogul Jr., 1 1/2 HP United, 2 HP Sparta Economy, 2 HP Stover CT, 1 1/2 HP Jaeger, 4 HP Cushman C, 1 HP IHC Titan Jr., Briggs and Stratton FH, 1 1/4 HP Galloway Handy Andy, Maytag Multi-Motor,4 HP Associated Four Mule Team, 1 3/4 HP Gilson, 1 1/2 HP IHC 'M', 2 1/2 HP Associated Hired Man, 2 HP Dempster 2 HP Fairbanks Morse 'Jack of all trades', Domestic side shaft, 1 1/2 HP Olds, Challenge 'Hourglass hopper', 1 HP IHC 'Famous', Domestic side shaft mudpump, Olds air cooled, 1 3/4 HP Stickney, 5 HP Galloway, Union 'Giant', Emerson Brantingham, Galloway and John Deere, Waterloo 'air cooled',2 HP IHC 'Famous',2 1/2 HP Industrial Iron Works, 2 HP Domestic, 2 HP John Lauson, IHC 'Mogul Jr.', 1 HP Brownwall, Plunket Jr., Aermotor 'fluted hopper', Temple 'Master Workman', 12 HP Witte side shaft Richmond Standard, Miller sideshaft, Frisco standard, San Francisco Hercules,1 HP Springfield model, Scotch Yoke steam engine, Gardner type 'O', Robinson, Crossley sideshaft, 6 HP New Way, Ruston Hornsby, Crossley Bros., 5 HP Hornsby Akroid, Messinger, Caldwell, White and Middleton side shaft, Columbus side shaft, Doak side shaft, Rumsey air cooled, Hagan, Independent Harvester side shaft, Olds Gearless, Regan Vapor engine, 12 - 14 HP Petter, 1 HP Hoosier, 2 HP Vaughn, 3 HP Geiser, 3 HP Perkins, 6 HP Alamo,2 HP Rumsey side shaft air cooled, Aermotor sausage hopper, 1 HP Bluffton, Canada Producerand Gas Engine, 2 1/2 HP Cook side shaft, 3 HP Domestic sideshaft, hopper cooled Domestic,2 HP Field Brundage, Fuller and Johnson, Gemmer, Perkins side shaft, Cavanaugh and Darley'Little Giant', Olds '5A', Perkins vertical side shaft, Root and Vandervoort sideshaft, Samson, Temple Pump, United States (inverted), Webster Improved Gas Engine (inverted), Rumsey side shaft.

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JEFF ALLEN (Colorado) Maytag "92", 15 HP Fairbanks Morse, Economies, and several others unidentified.

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