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Dating guy with daughter

This is a general rule for anyone your adult child may date: Be polite, be friendly, be open-minded within reason, remember that your ability to influence who your kid dates wanes with every year past about 13.Let them make their own mistakes, enjoy things you find baffling, and generally wend their own way through life.In what ways am I attempting to draw a distinction between my heterosexual daughter and her partner, whose gender expression is hard for me to locate and contextualize? The yard came with a whole clowder of adorable cats.What am I really afraid of here, what do I want to control that I can’t, and how will I maintain inner peace and calm if my daughter continues to date someone who makes me feel so off-guard? I’ve seen as many as five at a time chilling on our deck.But we’re worried about them transmitting diseases to our pets, and having strange cats hanging out at the front and back doors all day is stressing our cats out.The strays appear to be well-fed and in good health, and their ears are all clipped, which indicates that they have been spayed or neutered.It may tear at your heart to hear a cat meowing while you’re cooking, but they’re clearly getting plenty to eat (and I’ve heard my cat beg heartrendingly for a second or third dinner too many times to fall for that act).You can shoo them from your back door or ignore them to your heart’s content. Office dog: I am in a pretty low-key 10-person office, and the owners both have dogs.

Last night, one of them smelled our dinner cooking and started meowing at the door. If we didn’t already have three indoor cats of our own, it would be a total no-brainer to start feeding them and making new friends.My apartment complex is U-shaped, with a courtyard on the inside and one end open.I can see directly into the apartment across from me if the shades are kept open and the light’s on.Whenever I asked my daughter any questions, she acted like they were rude and out of bounds. I’m really more concerned about the quality of their relationship than the nature, but I don’t understand the social parameters around these issues.When I met her partner, they (their preferred pronoun) were distinctly male with long hair. They looked and acted extremely, flamboyantly, and shallowly like a gay man. I feel like my daughter is being used as a testing ground. A: The important question here is “What do I do when my 28-year-old daughter dates someone I’m not wild about?

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Chasing them away feels wrong, but so does ignoring them completely.

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