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Aren't you the stupid one for telling me what to do?Just stop being an arsehole and let people recommend any album they think is good, it might get other people into the music. From the GMA interview at R36:[quote]"Half the rumors, I've never even met the people . I have a thing for really tall guys anyhow, and he fits the bill.Damn, I'm going to be busy for a few minutes myself looking at all these pictures of him.

California officially decriminalized marijuana, so if you’re caught with weed there (an ounce or less, mind you), it’s a civil offense instead of a criminal one–meaning it’s punishable by a fine, but you won’t get arrested.

This isn’t to say that it’s legalizing marijuana, because you’re still getting fined for it.

In fact, most people are actually getting into more actual trouble with the law now that the new policy is in place–because before, adults caught with weed were charged with misdemeanors, but nine out of 10 of those cases wound up being dismissed.

The Texas Longhorns' white shorts are notoriously revealing.

Mike, why am I stupid when I just recommended an album?

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Hey I have a better idea..stop being stupid and you can listen to any album or any song and I assure you it will be good.