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Dating for asian men

I mean, they're both in the continent of Asia but I would never use the word Asian to describe someone from the Middle East.Second side note, in certain areas in the UK, the word Asian exclusively means like Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi etc. I live in NYC and have had a good bit of luck with European and Russian women, but very little with native-born American women (of any race).Given this, if this is the problem that you and your friends, as women, face, I would strongly urge you to ask the Asian guy out.Don't make the assumption, simply because the odds are so stacked against most of these guys that it becomes cumbersome and difficult.Then all White/Hispanics chicks that I'm in to seem to only date exclusively within their own ethnic group and don't even think Asian dudes as an option at all.This really thins out my dating options and puts me in a limbo.I'm Korean dude, age 20 and I think I'm like a .. Currently, I think the dating scene is very difficult.All the Asian girls I know, mostly all date White/Hispanic men exclusively unless the Asian dude is like a solid 10/10.

Take for example Mexican culture (First one that came to mind, can apply to other cultures). That explains the lack of social skills that is often associated with us. Specifically the 1.5-2 generation of Koreans is a bit...

So depending on the church you go to, your friends tend to be restricted in that camp.

That includes to the point of not having American friends, or somewhat making them a "second class" of friends.

If you're outside of that group, it's likely that you're ostracized.

That includes Korean-born Americans, adopted Koreans in America, half-blood Koreans, and even Koreans that come to America in their teens. Korean women (who are statistically very desirable) in general end up gravitating two ways.

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Either these women need to actually come up to more Asian men and tell them, or they're hitting the demographic of only wanting to date within their race.

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