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Dating eastern europe services cheap airfares paris

I have a friend who is a London and Rome freak aka over 15 trips to England/Europe and has owned 4 new Corvettes.

Big secret-nope other then owning a simple home for 30 yrs and has a 5,000 a yr government job.

Only gave up his flip phone 2 yrs ago when it died and could not be repaired). There are really low airfares out there, i subscribe to Scotts cheap airfares.

I may have to drive a few hours, but there are plenty of cheap airfares to europe from 0 to 0 rt .

My husband travels constantly for his job (last year he made 2 trips to Europe in Mar and April without me because I was working and he also occasionally travels to Asia without me) so we have frequent flier miles and hotel points.

My husband is Platinum on Delta and last year had to arrange his trips carefully to avoid Diamond status-he prefers to have points to carry over to the next year to maintain his Platinum.

First of all, perspective that I hope makes you feel a little better : anyone who can afford a trip to Europe by saving for 4 years is still better off than most of the world (and better off than me for much of my life.) So yes, this summer will be my 6th trip to Europe in the past 7 years.Income can be a big part, but it is also prioritizing travel in your budget. My husband travels a lot for work and gets airline miles and hotel rewards.We are often able to use the airline miles to fly business class for very little cost and use hotel points to cover some of the hotel stays.I saw something on another thread and it made me genuinely curious. ' Oh we've been to Italy 7 times' or, 'the first 3 times in England it rained every day' or, 'this was our 4th time to Paris' and I just want to know how in the world can people afford that??A poster mentioned their 50 to 60 trips overseas and all I could think was, how on Earth can a person afford that? I'm assuming retired, with a lot of disposable income, but is that really it? I live in a low cost of living area, make okay money, have no children, have money (including tax refunds) automatically transferred to my travel savings, and take a big trip every couple of years and stay about a week each time.

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I remind myself that and also a great philosophy "comparison is the thief of joy". If I don't see that same low rate with that hotel, I email the hotel to alert them that I prefer to give them business but want that 3rd party rate.

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