Dating and communication problems christian dating query service

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In the end, we had two differently edited pieces and no idea what to do with either.

) new ways to better encourage, lead, and motivate her team.

Either she, as the manager, wasn’t explaining what she wanted in clear terms, or the employee wasn’t doing his part in asking clarifying questions to determine what he needed to deliver—or a combination of both.

Either way, it was her responsibility to initiate a change so their communication—and work—could improve. I once had a boss who was based in another state, and I’d go for weeks (literally, weeks! I’d continue with my regular work, fire off some emails at him, occasionally try to call, and—nothing.

He’d write me a long, winding email, which would ruminate over a potential project.

“I wonder if we should write a press release about this? “I’m not sure if we can get a customer quote that will work.” To me, that meant he was still thinking about it, so I could continue with my other projects.

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