Dating an ambitious guy dating sites using buddypress

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Dating an ambitious guy

We’ve been long distance for the last year, as I’m overseas, but I’m moving back soon.

He recently graduated from college, and to give himself a little break as he planned his next move, he moved back into his parents’ house. He had applied for an overseas program like mine and been rejected, so I knew he’d need a little while to gather himself and come up with another plan.

Yet I can’t even bring up the subject, because the boyfriend says I am being “unsupportive” and “overly critical.” He says I need to just “trust” him and believe he’s an adult. It’s effecting our relationship in other ways, too…

the only time I ever get to talk to him is if I drag him out of bed (I’m 14 hours ahead,) and he NEVER contacts me (Facebook, email, Skype, anything) because he says I’m not his “top priority.” When a guy has no job, no homework, and is living with his parents, it’s pretty hurtful to hear that I’m never his “top priority.” My question is, am I being overly critical?

I’m busy all the time professionally and personally because I thrive on feeling accomplished.

Do you suffer from "wanting who doesn't want you back and being wanted by those who you don't want"?We often know when a guy is the real deal and when he’s going to drain our time and our heart.Be strong enough to walk away, even if you have to walk alone a bit longer before you find the right one.3. Though a man may not have yet risen to the challenge of winning your heart, yours is still a heart worth winning. Whatever your skills, personality, interests, or talents, they are uniquely combined in the person of you. Confidence is not arrogance, but rather, a quiet assurance that who you are is exactly what the world needs.4.Don't give up your dreams or harden your heart.Experience has shown me that you can have both: a career you love and a man that loves you.

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