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Could this be a corruption of Croft, a medieval and later term for a small farmstead? The allotments at West Runton, known on some documents as The Kraft is sometimes spelt Craft.This would be picked up by cars approaching the bend towards Water Lane.We are hoping that this will come to fruition in the spring.Any money raised could be used to provide other services which are no longer provided by other sources. We have a loan for the restoration of the Reading Room and this could be reduced.Work is needed on West Runton Car Park regularly A more permanent surface could be considered. Butikofer POLICE: Non emergency police number 101 This is a free service. ORIGINS OF NAMES OF BUILDINGS AND ROADS Written by Brian Cushion, East Runton.

It is of little use to the Parish and with an access which is adjacent to the caravan site coming out onto the A149, is unsuitable for vehicles except for access.

The precept has been kept the same for 2018 as 2017.

Fixed at 15,000.00 it is one of the lowest in the County for the number of electors.

These illuminated signs flash up the speed of cars and are considered more effective in reducing speed than the static 30mph signs.

They are moved around into a different location every month.

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Ray Spinks Norfolk Cottage, Felbrigg Road East Runton. Manor Court Rolls, often of earlier periods are another source.