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Dating a former priest

Details of the affair emerged as Devine, now 74, of Stockport, was convicted of six counts of indecent assault on the two victims between 19.During the two week trial at Minshull Street Crown Court, jurors were told He lived in a presbytery but was said to be 'different' from the the older stricter priests and was known for shunning cassocks in favour of wearing regular clothing and later he befriended the girl's family. 'He was a priest, he should not have been having sex with anyone I have no memory of my post natal time after giving birth.'She said she later had flashbacks and was diagnosed with depression and she told her husband about the child and that Devine was the father.They always used to be older and strict whereas when Alan came he was very different.He was younger and he used to walk around in his normal clothing.'I didn't have much to do with him at school but in around 1975 I began to see him a lot.The minor he is charged with sexually abusing is his own son, now six years old.Stone, 54, formerly known as Father Francis Mary Stone, was host of the TV program "Life on the Rock" on Eternal Word Television Network.It was only in 2005 when I was made aware of who the father of the baby was.'My sister started talking about times he had come round to the house.

'One particular night it was very warm he leant in towards me and I could hear him whispering: 'You smell really nice,' whilst he was rubbing his hand on my thigh. It's just between me and you.'The victims' eldest sister told the court: 'Father Devine wasn't like other priests.

The older girl claimed she had sex with Devine in his office at the convent where she was a pupil.

Her sister said she was groped whilst being taken to swimming lessons in his car.

With the agreement of the Holy See, O'Brien subsequently moved to the north of England, where a statement said he had died surrounded by family.

The Catholic Church has been embroiled for years in sexual scandals, most notoriously involving the abuse of children in the United States and Ireland, which were covered up by senior clerics."In life, Cardinal O'Brien may have divided opinion," said Archbishop Leo Cushley of St.

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