Dating 40 s

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Dating 40 s

Its just odd I don't really come across any other 40 year olds, women or men, despite being a very active person who belongs to hobby and social groups, goes to the gym daily.Yet I never even see another single person my age to not only date, but just for friendship. Men my age lie about their age to attract younger women...women my age lie about their age to attract men their own age.The good folks go early, and after 50 it's really bad.My advice--do all the dating you can before 35, after that it's going to be very dismal. I AM FROM TEXAS, USA, I HAVE BEEN IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH MY MAN FOR 2 YEARS, WE PLANNED TO GET MARRIED BUT EVERYTHING TURNED THE WRONG WAY WHEN HE FELL IN LOVE WITH ANOTHER LADY, HE LEFT FOR NO REASON, I DID EVERYTHING TO GET HIM BACK BUT NOTHING WORKED THEN I A FRIEND TOLD ME TO CONTACT [email protected] YAHOO.Very rarely does a man my age ask me out or even flirt with me. I don't know the does help to know that you aren't alone. I would love to date for friendship, but heterosexual men see that as a way of playing them without interest in genuine relationships (translation: sex). The dating pool for both sexes over 40 is very marginal I've found.They think it's a waste of time to just get to know someone. I met a variety of men, mostly gentlemen, and finally found that special one. Find someone who has some of your interests and can introduce you to something new. I am apparently the woman that men use to cover up their relationships with other women. I'm in the front girl, the other girl, the nice one who plays by the rules while they cheat. You're dealing with lots of broken and damaged people.COM AND I DID WITHOUT DOUBT AND TO MY SURPRISE MY MAN CAME BACK TO ME AND WANT US TO START ALL OVER AGAIN, I AM SO HAPPY MY MAN IS BACK FOREVER..

We have paid the price for our lousy choices and are crystal clear about what we've learned from our mistakes.Its just very awkward and somewhat insulting to be approached only by those old enough to be your parents or young enough to be your child. I too get attention from men in their late 60's and early 70's.I also get a lot of attention from men in their 30's. The fear of youth Because you've got nothing to lose! We were hunters - aiming for the career, the guy, the condo, the essential pieces of that elusive Real Life. Women and the blessings of aging We've finally made peace with all the enemies of our younger selves - our parents, our exes, our bodies, our limitations, our life choices, all the stuff we thought we could control but couldn't, our mortality, our unique strengths and magic, our maternal and womanly wisdom we no longer ignore but allow to guide us. The stakes are so much lower than when we were in our 20s, juggling careers and the relentless anxiety of the have-it-all culture we were promised. We got the career, the husband, the house, the dog, the kids the All in Having It All. Now we've got older kids who turned out far better than we could have ever hoped; a cool job we finally feel challenges us and is worth our time; a fab circle of righteous and hilarious midlife BFFs we don't have nearly enough time to see.

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"As I start to think about dipping my toe into the post-divorce dating over 40 pool, I do so with a renewed sense of my own beauty, wisdom, humor, perspective, power and choice. My problem is suddenly after hitting 40 I am being chased by men both much older and much younger than me. Why do they think a 44 yr old woman wants to date a 28 yr old guy?

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