Danny brown kitty pryde dating

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Danny brown kitty pryde dating

So I was on my Mac Book and was like, "Oh, I have a Mac Book." So we did, and it was a song about how much I hated my ex-boyfriend.I've been reading this thing in Complex about people being really weird about it.I didn't get a whole lot of mean things, but now it's like everybody in the whole world.It seems like the sort of thing that people could possibly make into a big thing if they wanted to go that route.That was my favorite, when she was really, really scary.

It's a different sort of crowd, I imagine, now, from a couple hundred people on Tumblr.I texted him a few times, and he only answered me once.But yesterday, he tweeted the video, and he told me he loves me and was like "Fuck the haters, you're awesome!And I'm not going to stop -- that's just going to ruin it.I haven't really seen anybody in the past day or so.

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When I put something on my Tumblr, most of them already know who I am, and I guess they already like me a little, enough to read about my life.