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Historically, Liubo was not only a game, but also used as a method of divination, the various spots on the game board corresponding to the sexagenary cycle used by Chinese to recount the passage of time since the earliest written texts.

Given the propensity of subjects to have prophetic visions subsequent to their participation in a Sigma event, it has been theorized by several researchers that the moves during a Sigma event may themselves be of some prophetic significance.

This selection appears related to the result of the first die roll.

After appearing, the subject's opposition will take a seated position facing the subject and will commence playing the first move.

While the possible significance of individual moves during recorded Sigma events is ongoing and so far inconclusive, it has been determined that the act of winning does appear to correspond to significant events beyond the game itself.

In particular, every instance of SCP-286-1 winning has been tied to intensification of sunspots, solar flares, and generally increased solar activity.

Update 03/11/20██: As of Incident I-286-5, surveillance of SCP-286 is to be continuous, and any initiation of a Sigma state is to immediately reported to Overwatch Command.

The Sigma state lasted for 68 minutes, at which time SCP-286-1 achieved the winning move.Euclid Special Containment Procedures: SCP-286 is to be kept in a secure containment cell at Site-19 that allows an open, secure perimeter of at least 50m radius around SCP-286.Only D-Class personnel are permitted to have direct physical contact with SCP-286, and only as part of an approved experiment.SCP-286-2 winning has been associated with significant tectonic events, including [REDACTED] Because it is not known if these events were predicted by one side winning, or caused by one side winning, experimentation on SCP-286 has been suspended as an unacceptable risk.Document TR-286-27e: Excerpted Translation of Dialog Between SCP-286-1 and SCP-286-2 During Sigma Event #27 Foreword: D-Class test subject was a male Caucasian 44 years of age, identified as SCP-286-1 after initiation of a Sigma state.

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All observed subjects, and those opposing players who have been identified and examined, have shown no physical aftereffects from interaction with SCP-286.