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When you’re travelling, always prepare for the worst.I saw Air Canada take my luggage off the plane and wouldn’t take I’m catching a bus to another destination an hour after we land for a three-day suit-and-tie conference as a reason to put it back on. The Toronto Star reporter whose investigative takedowns include Rob Ford and Jian Ghomeshi now include Global TV anchor Leslie Roberts.Took two days for my luggage to make one one-hour flight and a courier trip to my destination. At least I could get by on souvenir store underclothes. (Toronto Star) Following the attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris, freedom of expression has become a hot topic.

These are the symptoms typically associated with early stages of cancer. There is no proof to support if he even has cancer but people have a common consensus on what type of cancer Lieberstein may have.

The 88th Annual Academy Awards were held last night and most of your favorite celebrity babes showed up and tried to outdo each other in the hotness and sexy and cleavage and leg category, but it wasn’t even a competition if you ask me.

And not only did Olivia put her awesome cleavage on drool-inducing display, she also looked the most stunning.

His big break came when he was offered an opportunity to write the storyline for the first season of "King of The Hill".

After that, he has written and produced several other famous TV series and movies.

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