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He corresponded with the then obscure 20-year-old from his home in Canada and in 1994 moved to California at Christian’s suggestion.‘I started off running his fan club,’ Cheung explains.

‘But, in time, I would cook for him, I designed his website, I’d buy clothes for him, I would organise his finances, sort out medical appointments.

Then, not long afterwards, even the semblance of a family life disappeared when his parents split up.

Bale’s mother Jenny worked as a clown and a dancer in a circus, reportedly riding elephants and introducing the various acts.‘His mother wanted Christian to stay at the family home in Bournemouth and go on to university. ‘Emotionally, his parents used Christian as a football. His childhood was deeply unhappy because of all the screaming rows.'But his father was insistent he should go to Hollywood and become a star.'David’s favourite saying was: 'If you stay in England son, you will become a civil servant. 'Christian adored his dad, a charming, charismatic man who filled the room, but David saw his son as his meal ticket.Bohemian in spirit and nomadic, the Bales moved so frequently that their only son had little chance to put down roots.Right-hand man: Former assistant Harrison Cheung said Christian is 'a deeply troubled soul'In one of his rare interviews, Bale said the family moved 15 times, often with the bailiffs in hot pursuit.

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