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Benedict of Nursia, the early medieval monk who retreated to the forest after Rome’s fall.

He built communities that were undergirded by order, hospitality, stability, and prayer.

To be human is to be part of a nation, and when believers try to withdraw into “Christian villages” they only reproduce in miniature the dysfunctions of their nations—because that is who they are.

__________________________ Mollie Ziegler Hemingway With The Benedict Option, Rod Dreher provides an insightful and optimistic plan of action for Christians who are starting to realize just how hostile American culture is to their faith.

Often they make it their mission from a distance to accomplish social and political reform back home. Missionaries go out on purpose, sent by God to love the people of their new homelands, and to discover how best to live and share the way of Christ in that cultural context.

We don’t need to adopt the self-pitying language of exile.

Instead we can embrace the joyful privilege of being missionaries in place.

It isn’t just a more positive approach—it’s why God has us here.

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Instead, as we saw at Pentecost, by the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit, the gospel is now to be expressed __________________________ Michael Francisco Rod Dreher’s Benedict Option is worth reading for all the reasons having little or nothing to do with its namesake inspiration.

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