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Price 1/- LIMITED i •i Price 6d, each J Assorted colours. apprehend, or cause him to be apprehended, will be aid a Reward of /1 00 upon his commitment for trial, and the The times of some of these stage coaches are worth head took 27 hours; The night coach from London to Falmouth 29 hours; to Edinburgh 43 hours; and to Thurso 108 hours. At the front ■ Tl le the from moth will even s a series of is es arrang caterpillar can possibly force an entrance, but affording easy for the moth w ■n on this comfortable platform they have built night they for themselves. Hodges, secon d prize ville Terrace, Jesmond, ■ - ■ ■' Tvne. PRICE Post 3d grand well built pocket money on replacing this wonderful new rifle It projects a target on to the wall and when fired a black spot appears which records your 1 shot. Suddenly, with a swift downward movement, he snatches the fish out of the on com ing view at Indians %* mag- River. These of the natives who were so hostile to the English and settlers. and cowboys from all over the west of both the United States and Canada compete the i prizes and finally The broncho-busting contest is al ways coven es t show to )ird was In the found manner. Manor Scotsman" taking the roo m , midc Junior Engineers also The Flying e track. introduced in timetable working, and is greatly appreciated by the members. i L Don't break OUTFIT ROLLING DOWN * '* _-i ' CYCLIST J i ™ A * " IT/, ■rt »ri i Make sure that your bicycle cannot fitting it with this grand little safety Can on e open- ed by finding the right tour word key letter. Extra accessory is a spanner which will every nut on your bicycle. After a fish, he slowly resting towards it, on liis back. are a ring » that is a ring is fas on one leg.t for its return if recovered recent five-year period 349 in the dailv events for the trophies. Branch layout was arranged with 1 tracks all round the Road, Barnet, Herts. It was in this year, with the novelty of railways creating a desire for fast travelling, that the Post Office yielded to the cry for speed. These were popularly called the "calico mails" because of their lightness. superheat ed so rs , No Oakley." the first 4-4-2 "Atlantic" type of locomotive to run in this country, has been withdrawn from set- vice. 990 i t was the pioneer of the re- markable series "Allan tics" of by Mr. Another extraordinarv example of parental care in insect life is when the gold tail moth lays her eggs sh ■ has deposited a batch she rubs her hairy tail all over them while they are still moist and slightly sticky, con ceahng them admirably eyes of hungry fare. The single-track main line Stranraer route of the L. The board is rounded to match the curve of the locomotive boiler, a favourite position for its display being the top lamp bracket. circular issued to the guards: **^200 Reward "Hurley White is stronglv suspected to have con- England and Wales, ltf in Scotland and 29 in Ireland, in addition to over 70 pair-horse services. The ext r erne in instinct is the type of caterpillar that is aggres- sive and declares war its enemies. t ney all the winter caterpillar man in the use of ■ attack b for war- one or two davs more won't matter. 52 THE MECCANO MAGAZINE SCOTTISH TRAFFIC WORKING T is traditional to associate the New Year with Scottish Laffairs, so this is a convenient time to deal with minia- r schemes s nil north of the and the train consists of a Glasgow and an Edinburgh portion, an stop can be made to represent With the time the halt of the real train at Symington for division on the down journey, or S individuality Scottish has gradually be- come by the sci i sat ion of equip- ment carried out by the L. 2 Corridor Coaches leaving and the equipment generally are representative of the Stri a wayside station. 1 w their own ticular the on i" interesting engines on this train is the front nameboard with the words "Flying Scotsman" on it. An accessory a Hornby railway the easy to make up a miniature board of this kind from a piece of white card.

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