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As a consequence, the writer needs some other method of generating conflict.

You're gonna have to go out there and change them yourself because there are no fairy godmothers in this world.""As the Savior. She was sent to the real world after the Evil Queen placed a terrible curse upon the Enchanted Forest.

Note that this isn't Always Female as Single Man Seeks Good Woman can certainly be in play. As this trope frequently deals with critical plot details, be warned: HERE THERE BE SPOILERS.

Some are unmarked, too, so don't say we didn't warn you.

The Savior Miss Swan (by Rumplestiltskin and Regina Mills)Sheriff Swan (by Regina Mills)Swan (by Hook)Princess Leia (in the Enchanted Forest)The Dark One (formerly)The Dark Swan (formerly)Princess Emma (in Wish Realm)United Realms Wish Realm (formerly)Underworld (formerly)Camelot (formerly)New York (formerly)Boston (formerly)Tallahassee, Florida(formerly)Phoenix (formerly)Portland, Oregon (formerly)Various Foster Homes (formerly)Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard (mother)Prince Charming/David Nolan (father)Neal (baby brother)Henry Mills (son/adoptive step-uncle)Captain Hook (husband)Hope (daughter)King Leopold † (maternal grandfather)Queen Eva † (maternal grandmother)Ruth † (paternal grandmother)Robert † (paternal grandfather)King George (adoptive paternal grandfather)Prince James † (uncle)Evil Queen/Regina Mills/Roni/Evil Regina (step-grandmother)Cora Mills † (step-great-grandmother)Prince Henry Mills † (step-great-grandfather)Zelena (step-great-half-aunt)Robin (step-half-cousin once removed)Ingrid † (former foster mother)Brennan Jones † (father-in-law)Liam Jones I † (brother-in-law)Liam Jones II (half-brother-in-law)Lucy Vidrio (granddaughter/adoptive step-cousin)Aladdin, Anna, Archie Hopper, Ashley Boyd, August Booth/Pinocchio, Aurora, Ava and Nicholas Zimmer, Belle †, Blue Fairy/Mother Superior, Cleo Fox †, Dr.

Whale, The Dragon, Elsa, Evil Queen/Regina Mills, Granny, Henry Mills, Hercules †, Hook, Hook (Wish Realm), Ingrid †, Jasmine, Kristoff, Leroy, Lily, Maleficent, Marco, Marian †, Megara †, Merida, Merlin †, Merrie Men, Milah †, Mulan, Neal Cassidy †, Pongo, Prince Charming/David Nolan, Red Riding Hood/Ruby, Robin Hood †, Rumplestiltskin/Mr. No matter what the cost.” Emma Swan is the main character and protagonist of the first six seasons of Once Upon a Time.

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