Centreon not updating

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Centreon not updating

If this is not the case, consider using our turnkey solution CES (Centreon Enterprise Server) that lets you install supervision platform very easily.

We recommend installing Centreon via RPM or via Centreon Enterprise Server.

Please contact our sales team ([email protected]) or visit Centreon website to learn more. This is the Centreon web interface, configuration management of demons and useful plugins to monitor resources.

Before downloading Centreon, please validate that you can meet the prerequisites.

CENTREON_GROUP="centreon" ## What is the Centreon user ?

Based on Nagios, Centreon Engine is now immproved to manage large environments of nodes.

If you need more informations regarding Centreon Engine, go on our website description.

It embeds all open source components that are required to run a standard Centreon monitoring platform.

The Centreon monitoring platform is the cornerstone for all other Centreon solutions and modules developed and commercialized for comprehensive enterprise monitoring.

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Centreon Nagvis provided a complete backend to connect Nagvis with Centreon Broker.