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The longer we date, the more we fall for you, and the longer we go without sex, the stronger the urge becomes.

I am understanding and respectful, but I am also a man who loves sex.

Maybe sex is an experience we want to share with someone we really care for.

Yet, a lot of men dating a celibate person are not given the benefit of being able to voice these feelings without it being labeled as sexist or misogynist.

And while I feel like women who practice celibacy for the purpose of bettering themselves should be celebrated and appreciated, I can’t deny the fact that, as a man, it can become quite difficult.

I think it goes without saying that dating a woman who practices celibacy is challenging.

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Most of the men I know have never considered practicing celibacy, so the concept is foreign to some of us.

Yes, there are still a lot of men who will try to rush you into sex, but there are still some men out there, myself included, who will continue to wait until you’re ready, regardless of how frustrating it can be.

Just please understand that if we voice those frustrations, it’s not meant to be taken as complaints to make you feel bad for your decision, because ultimately, men also enjoy spending sex-free time together.

Truth be told, some men feel as if they are sacrificing an amazing experience, and it’s not always clear if that sacrifice is worth it.

Maybe our self-discipline isn’t as strong as a woman’s.

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Does that factor in a woman’s decision in practicing celibacy?

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