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Sometimes you fall in love with the worst person in the world.

And sometimes the sweetest person on the planet grabs your heart but things just aren't... It seems like crazy talk to find signs that it's time to break up with someone that you're still in love with. Relationships end for a lot of reasons other than cheating or betrayal — sometimes they end for no reason at all.

It just wasn't right, and it wasn't fair to waste either of our time.It's OK to put your needs at the top of your life priority list.Just make sure to take some time to think about your relationship, including what you need and what went wrong before you start dating again, according to student health services California State University Long Beach.While dating is part of life it should, like marriage, not be your only social outlet.Even marriages require that the spouses keep their outside friendships to prevent the spouses becoming stale and narrow, and while friendships must never disempower a marriage, dating should not disempower friendships.

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