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I will bring any concerns arising from the relationship the Minister Emeritus/a has with the congregation directly and promptly to that colleague’s attention.In calling attention to any deviation by my colleague(s) from this Code, I will adhere to the processes described in Accountability, below.If I am elected Minister Emeritus/a, I will recognize that this honor sustains a continuing but changed relationship with the congregation I once served as one of its ministers.I will initiate an open and direct conversation with my successor colleague(s) to enter a mutually agreed covenant, expressed in a Letter of Understanding, about the role I am to play in the church.

If I am a settled minister in a congregation having retired or other ministers as members, I will seek to foster cordial and candid relations with my colleagues in recognition of the value of their presence in the congregation.So doing will not be regarded as a failure of collegial loyalty.The provisions of the Code of Conduct identify standards of behavior for members of the UUMA.If I am a member of a congregation that I once served, this may include the possibility of absenting myself from any presence at all.I will articulate clearly my own hopes and expectations regarding my relationships in the congregation, and my intention to avoid wielding any undue influence among the members.


I will work to confront attitudes and practices of unjust discrimination on the basis of race, color, class, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, physical or mental ability, or ethnicity, and to challenge them within myself and in individuals, congregations, and groups I serve.

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  1. The Commonwealth consists of 53 members which include 19 African members; seven Asian members; 13 members from the Caribbean and the Americas; three members from Europe; and 11 members from the Pacific.