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Yet Foot's second premiership was to be even worse than his first.

While producing rhetorically uplifting and beautifully constructed orations to Parliament and party conferences, the actual conduct of policy from No 10 was as woefully shambolic as the donkey jacket that the Prime Minister wore to all major meetings, including audiences with the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

The only alternative was a humiliating climbdown by the Government, which in itself led to wage-inflationary demands being pursued by the unions of other nationalised industries, such as the shipbuilders and steelworkers.

The demands of the NUM that it should be coal, rather than the recently-exploited North Sea Oil or nuclear power that provided the lion's share of energy production further extended its powers.

But the Foot government ridiculed this as militarily impossible.

Labour failed to foresee the immediate and devastating international consequences of such weakness.

Foot meanwhile retreated from confrontation, spending more and more of his time writing wellreceived biographies of William Cobbett, William Hazlitt, Lord Byron and Benjamin Disraeli (after whom he called his dog, 'Dizzy').

The exchange controls that Margaret Thatcher's chancellor Geoffrey Howe had abolished in 1979 had to be reintroduced by 1986, meaning that it became illegal for tourists to take more than £50 out of the country.

But this did not prevent the massive run on the pound, and the following year the IMF was once again being called in to help manage Britain's finances.

With the benefit of hindsight, it was probably the decision of the Argentine junta led by General Galtieri not to invade the Falklands in April 1982 that led to Margaret Thatcher's defeat in the 1983 General Election and Michael Foot's election as Prime Minister.

A war with a just cause at that time might have galvanised the country behind her.

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