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Every week there will be Draws from those reporting.

A initial payment for the Kit is likely their only cost providing they have 00 sales (2 avg Parties) in the first 2 months.The cost is about 2.5 packs of printed brochures (50 brochures).Sign up on by clicking this link Sign up for Etrends In the next weeks there will be lots of parties held that will provide fantastic sales for you and your host.Be sure to put special attention and emphasis on Dating at your parties in the next weeks.Cello wrap Dating Gifts and mark a Date on each one that suits your Date Book.

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Cello Wrap some Great Gifts for Display on your Demo Table Use the Scoop to help you Recruit Did you know there are 5 million households in Ontario and less than 1000 Tupperware Sales force members to serve them.

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