Can therapist dating patient

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Can therapist dating patient

Instead of asking for more freedom on the way to adulthood, this type of child will likely grow up and plead to have that freedom taken away. And you are the child in the adult body who fantasizes about how nice it would feel to abdicate all of your responsibility and let a capable adult do the heavy lifting of making hard choices.

Even if it goes badly, having somebody else decide seems safer.

I’m a woman who’s about to turn 30 and started therapy for the first time last year.

Or, if a guy that an acquaintance at work dated for a few months over a year ago is asking me out, is it okay to accept even though this acquaintance will probably be unhappy about it? Likewise, I suggested that you go on the date because if it were — if I were almost 30 and really liked a guy and wasn’t close to a woman who briefly dated him over a year ago — I’d go on the date.I don’t understand why my therapist won’t give me advice!Obviously, I don’t mean all the time, but I feel that in certain situations, she could tell me what she thinks but won’t. But wait — before you take that advice, let me give you one last piece of advice: Please don’t take my advice.Taped up over my desk is the word want to do, but I can’t make their life choices for them.I’m not a real-estate specialist, career counselor or, most important, soothsayer.

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