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an old English letter (also ETH) EDS plural of ED, education EEK interj. a development programme (Erhard Seminars Training) ETA n. a tanker for carrying oil and ore OBS plural of OB n. an elaborate lyric addressed to someone or something ODS plural of OD n. to grant or hold land under Scottish feudal law FEW adj.

French form of ME, facetiously used in English MOL n. a computer-programming language used for data processing AWL n. to make a sound expressing disapproval or contempt BOP v. to bind with thread (also OUP) OOR (Scots.) same as OUR pron. (Scots.) a grandchild (also OE, OY) OYS plural of OY n.

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a mythical Muslim being (also DJINN, JINN, JINNEE) JIZ n.

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