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Calleigh dating

Calleigh Smallman, of Windsor Road, Higher Folds, had her signed Leigh Centurions shirt snatched off her from a teenager as she was walking home after playing with her friends.After hearing about Calleigh's stolen top, her favourite players Ben Reynolds and Jamie Acton sent video messages of support to her and promised to replace her shirt.It will also go next year so please don't use this option unless you want it to go every year. AN eight-year-old girl is getting ready to lead her rugby league heroes out at Leigh Sports Village on Sunday.‘I had already been on hormones for a year when I finally dropped the news to my parents,’ she revealed.But she’s been skating in various forms all her life.She said: ‘I street skated with my friends in elementary school, and eventually started longboarding to commute to high school and college.

Calleigh Little is documenting her trip on a Tumblr blog, with daily entries.

The trip hasn’t all completely gone to plan though.

She recounts: ‘My current most memorable moment is when I accidentally navigated to the Oregon Trail and had to hike for 16 miles after skating for 16 miles.

She set up a Go Fund Me page to partially fund her expenses on the trip.

But 15% of the money raised goes to, a charity dedicated to making potable water accessible for everyone.

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Among them is a ‘Stoke factor,’ ‘Miserableness factor’ and ‘Snot Rockets Factor.’ The first rating scale is how excited she was that day and the second rating scale is how miserable the ride actually was for the day. She explains: ‘Snot Rocket Factor is a count of how many times I held one nostril and blew the snot out of the other one.

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