C combobox validating

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C combobox validating

And while it is still Instruction Code, it is more than Symbolic now.

But THE big difference is the Visual aspect of it where you work with windows and icons and pictures and multimedia. Before you start developing a Visual Basic 6 application you should be aware that some programming knowledge is useful.

I'll tell you a secret - in all those cases, computer programming skills will really help!

You don't really have to be a geek to be in computers.

Over the years you have proven to be among the best consumers or my VB tutorials and I appreciate it.We will not be covering the fundamentals of programming as such - you should be familiar with the basic constructs such as the IF... As you can probably tell from my last couple posts I’ve been working with WPF in different data scenarios.Then set the Window’s Data Context to the customer Data Table: WPF’s Default Validation Error Template So if we were to run this as-is WPF would give us a default visual cue when our validation fails.The control is drawn with a red border indicating there is a problem, however no message is displayed. Prepare for your tech support phone lines to light up if you release this baby.

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The key is to make sure you specify the Validates On Data Errors attribute on the Binding and set it to True.