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Bt home hub dynamic dns not updating

The only way you will not see immediate results is if you have cached a query on your computer by looking it up PRIOR to configuring it in the Free DNS program.The initial set up of the 'A' record will set something called the "Destination" ip address and whilst it will not always be the same in the future.I have used the naturally assumed sub domain "www" for my main web site, but I have configured other ones, such as capitolcentre, cycling, foodanddrink, new and old etc. Within the domain name system it is important that you use something known as the 'A' record to give instructions about the ip address where your web site will be hosted.This will change from the initial setting, but that is something that will be controlled by another process after you initial set up.I have currently got the 3.0 version, but I believe that there may also be v1.0, v1.5 and v2.0 being used by some people.I previously had the version 1.0 device and using the method described below was able to successfully configure Dynamic DNS.

More about the domain configuration can be see in my Blog post Acquiring and configuring a Domain Name.

I currently have a number of sub domains configured on the FREE DNS service, that I use for other web sites related to my main one without necessarily having to got out and purchase more domain names.

A sub domain is anything before the personal domain name you have purchased within the given top level domain. My domain is waltonledale (for my hobby site) within the uk top level domain.

The type 'A' domain record is used to point a Sub Domain ( to a hard coded IP Address.

This is the most direct and straight forward option, also it is important to note that any change you make in the Free DNS program is reflected on the Internet and made live immediately.

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In my recent Blog posts, I have been discussing the possibility of hosting a personal or hobby web site on a computer on your home network using BT Broadband and how you will need to configure the BT Home Hub to enable this. DNS is a system that is used to relate Internet available ip addresses to host names (or Domain Names).